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The GREEN PHASE stainless steel braai plate is manufactured utilising the best possible quality materials.

  • All material is laser cut ensuring accurate dimensions.
  • Robotic TIG welding technology is utilised in the manufacturing process to ensure consistent, strong and neat welding joints.
  • Product is locally designed and manufactured to cater for South-African conditions
  • Plate has a flat base so as to get rid of the issue of sauces and other liquids gathering in the centre of the pan
  • The base is fabricated from 5mm stainless steel in order to get an even heat distribution and retention. Another equally important reason for the thick base is to prohibit warpage which usually occurs with plates and pans manufactured with thinner materials.
  • Other pans and plates are manufactured out of thin mild steel which is then finished with a baked on enamel which firstly does not retain heat and secondly once they get scratched or bumped and the paint gets damaged, the plate will start to corrode (rust). This will shorten the life of the product considerably. Whereas with the GREEN PHASE stainless steel plate, we are proud to offer a six year product warranty as well as repair any broken parts/components due to a manufacturing defect. In summary, the GREEN PHASE stainless steel plate can handle almost any situation you throw at it and will not deteriorate over time, but rather give you endless joyful meals.
  • The GREEN PHASE stainless steel plate is a great travel companion for your camping trips. It can be stored in a small, narrow space in the back of your SUV and taken out for a brilliant cooking experience whether putting it on a kettle braai, gas stove or directly onto an open boma fire (separate stainless steel stands available for this purpose)
  • Be different – Use the GREEN PHASE stainless steel plate in your oven to make mouth-watering pizzas.
  • The GREEN PHASE stainless steel plate. Not a cooking utensil – A cooking partner for life...

    Physical Dimensions

  • Diameter: 540 mm
  • Height: 25mm (excluding handles)
  • 70 mm (including handles)
  • Weight: 8.6 kg

    Shipping Dimensions (Packed)

  • Length: 550 mm
  • Width: 550 mm
  • Height: 75mm
  • Weight: 8.8 kg

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